June, 2006 Wisconsin and Southern Railway Co.
May 2006 (Special) The Kohler Company (Kohler)
and Bemis Manufactuing (Sheboygan Falls)
May 2006 Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
April 2006 Hospital Meriter — MRI and prep systems
March 2006 Biotechnology UW-Madison
February 2006 WI Department of Revenue (virtual tour)
December 2005 A Wisconsin Cooperage (barrel making)
November 2005 Topics in air traffic control, Dane Co. R. Airport
October 2005 Germania Dairy Automation & dairy farm
September 2005 Madison Kipp Corporation
June, 2005 Dane County Coroner, Mass casualty response program
May 2005 (Special) North American Hydroelectric plant and General Motors, Janesville WI
May 2005 Backstage at the Overture Center
April 2005 Modern Dental Office Technology
March 2005 Motion Picture Machine Technology      Gallery
February 2005 Schoep's Ice Cream
December 2004 Battery Technology
November 2004 The Challenge of Commercial Launch Vehicle
October 2004 Tour of Wolf Appliances Manufacturing Plant      Gallery
September 2004 MG&E UW West Campus Cogeneration Facility      Gallery
June, 2004 USPS Milwaukee Street Processing Facility
May 2004 (Special) Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory      Gallery
May 2004 The Village Hearth      Gallery
April 2004 Electronic Theater Controls, Inc.
March 2004 Large Format Digital, Inc.
February 2004 TomoTherapy, Inc.
December 2003 The Great Electrical Power Failure of 2003
November 2003 Latitude Corporation
October 2003 Fuel cell technology
September 2003 Madison Concrete Pipe, Inc.      Gallery
June, 2003 Overture Project (hardhat tour), J.H. Findorf & Son, Inc.
May 2003 Topics in Television Broadcasting (WKOW-TV)
April 2003 Webcrafters
March 2003 Risks and Challenges of Data Security
February 2003 Waisman Center's Keck Lab of Brain Imaging and Behavior
December 2002 Verona/Nakoma Road Interchange
November 2002 UW Vetinary School
October 2002 LIDAR research, UW-Madison
September 2002 Berbee General Networking
June 2002 UW-Madison Charter Street Heating Plant
May 2002 Techline Furniture, Marshall Erdman & Associates
April 2002 Overture Center Project, J.H. Findorf & Son, Inc.
March 2002 Precision Devices Inc.
February 2002 Burne Photo Imaging
December 2001 China's Three Gorges Dam
November 2001 Artesyn Communication Products
October 2001 Fiskars -- Lawn & Garden Division (Sauk City)
September 2001 Tetrionics
June 2001 Payne & Dolan Bituminous Plant
May 2001 MG&E -- Power Issues
April 2001 WHA Television Studios (HDTV)
March 2001 Gaylord Catering Service
February 2001 Dane County 911 Communications Center
December 2000 Ice is Nice -- The winter Regime of the Great Lakes
November 2000 Midwest Regional Rail initiative
October 2000 Sub-Zero Freezer Company, Inc.
September 2000 Alliant Energy Systems Operation Center
June 2000 Fire Pumps: Inside and Out
May 2000 Center for Limnology Tour, UW-Madison
April 2000 D.C. Smith Greenhouse Tour, UW-Madison Campus
March 2000 Walgreen's Distribution Center
February 2000 Datakeep Inc.
December 1999 "Tomorrow By Design" -- The Midwest Landscape
November 1999 National Electrostatics Corp.
October 1999 Safety Engineering Associates, Inc.
September 1999 Madison Community Tower
June 1999 Allen Gardens on the UW-Madison Campus
May 1999 Carley's Commercial Woodworking and Finishing Shop Tour
April 1999 Armory and Gymnasium Tour
March 1999 Disease Prevention
February 1999 Fire and Arson Investigation
December 1998 Cartography - Its Foundations and Future
November 1998 Universal Silencer (Nelson Industries)
October 1998 Nicolet Instruments
September 1998 Warman International
June 1998 Capitol Building, south wing restoration
May 1998 Olbrich Gardens (Herb Garden)
April 1998 Weather Central tour
March 1998 Red Cross tour
February 1998 Restoring Old Ironsides
December 1997 Mandli Communications
November 1997 National Electrostatics Corporation
October 1997 TDS Telecom
September 1997 ???
June 1997 Business Meeting
May 1997 Monona Terrace Convention Center Update
April 1997 University of Wisconsin Space, Science and Engineering Center
March 1997 Gammex RMI tour and presentation
February 1996Endangered Species Recovery in Wisconsin -- The Timber Wolf Story
December 1996 The New Security Frontier - Your Very Own Big Brother
November 1996 The National Wildlife Health Center Tour
October 1996 ???
September 1996 The Wisconsin Air National Guard Tour
June 1996 ???
May 1996 A short note from the Club President (no meeting).
April 1996 Orbitech: Find out what's happening in Space Systems and the latest Technology!
March 1996 Hybrid Electric Vehicle Project at the College of Engineering, UW-Madison
February 1996 Madison Gas & Electric's Automated Mapping/Facilities Managements System
December 1995 How Highway Research is Changing our World
Nobember 1995 Tinkering with Mother Nature: Genetic Engineering to Enhance the Quality of Life
October 1995 Business Meeting
September 1995 Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District Wastewater Treatment Facility
June 1995 Business Meeting
May 1995 Tour of Electronic Theater Controls
April 1995 A Monona Terrace Convention Center Project Update
March 1995 History of RAYOVAC and the Development of the Rayovac RENEWAL Battery
February 1995 Information Super Highway -- MCI Telecommunications Corporation
December 1994 Guided Tour of OHMEDA
November 1994 Guided Tour of DIGISONIX
October 1994 F-117 Stealth Fighter
September 1994 Tour of Red Gym
June 1994 Tour of Olbrich Gardens
May 1994 Recycling of Fluorescent Lamp Tubes.
April 1994 Bock Water Heaters, Inc.
March 1994 F-16
February 1994 How Weather Satellites Convey Information, and How Weather Maps are formed
December 1993 Invisible Clouds
November 1993 Tour of the Berntsen Brass & Aluminum Foundry
October 1993 Bone Densitometers
September 1993 ???
June 1993???
May 1993Olbrich gardens program on orchids
April 1993Micro Electric Motors and their applications
March 1993Forest Product Laboratory, Wood recycling and new applications
February 1993Transition from wood to aluminum construction in early aircraft
December 1992Wilderness photography presentation
November 1992Fusion techology Upadate, Mining of Astrofuel from the Moon
October 1992Tour of Placon Corporation
September 1992???
June 1992Tour of Marquip
May 1992Fire at Central Storage
April 1992Design and construction of wooden bridges
March 1992Superconductivity energy storage
Jun 1991Olbrich Botanical Gardens "Ladies Night"
Apr 1991BGH--Bovine Growth Hormone, UW Prof. Terry Smith
Feb 1991Directional Drilling (Michels Pipeline Construction Company)
Nov 1990The Use of Natural Gas as an Alternate Fuel Supply (Fred Volkers)
Oct 1990Madison Water Utility Gary Graham

Tour of the Berntsen Brass & Aluminum Foundry. The Berntsen foundry is a highly automated brass and aluminum foundry with high tech machining capabilities. No speaker. 2334 Pennsylvania Avenue, near the Oscar Mayer plant.

Invisible Clouds Clouds that we can see contribute to the weather conditions we observe. Prof. Ed Elorenta will speak on the unusual attributes of the clouds not visible to the naked eye. Ed Eloranta, Department of Meteorology, UW-Madison. The InnTowner, 2424 University Avenue.

How Weather Satellites Convey Information, and How Weather Maps are formed. How Weather Maps are formed. Bill Smith. The InnTowner, 2424 University Avenue

F-16: Its use in the Air Force today. Major Mike McIntire, a pilot of the 128th Tactical Fighter Wing. The InnTowner, 2424 University Avenue

Tour of the Bock Water Heaters, Inc. plant. Our Technical Club president will guide us through the production and design facilities of his Madison manufacturing concern. John Bock, president, Bock Water Heaters, Inc. Marquip Plant, 1245 East Washington Avenue.

Recycling of Fluorescent Lamp Tubes. Wisconsin environmental regulations prohibit commercial companies from disposing of fluorescent lamps in landfills. Superior Lamp Recycling Company, a partnership with MG&E, recycles fluorescent and incandescent lamps of all types in an environmentally safe manner. Jim Cornwell General Manager, Superior Lamp Recycling Company. The InnTowner, 2424 University Avenue

F-117 Stealth Fighter. Major Donaldson is an American Airlines pilot and F-16 pilot with the Wisconsin Air National Guard. He flew the F-117 in Desert Shield/Desert Storm and will speak on the Stealth Fighter. His presentation will be accompanied by video and slides of the aircraft. Major Robert B. Donaldson, Wisconsin Air National Guard. Marquip Plant, 1245 East Washington Avenue

Tour of DIGISONIX. Digisonix, Inc., a subsidiary of Nelson Industries, is a leading developer and manufacturer of active sound and vibration control technology and products for industrial fans, commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment, vehicles and other applications. Active sound and vibration control systems use advanced digital signal processing technology to detect unwanted sound or vibration and then generate an exact opposite sound or vibration to attenuate it. Digisonix' proprietary technology is the result of work which began in the early 1980' at the Corporate Research Department of Nelson Industries, Inc. and in conjunction with the University of Wisconsin ElectroAcoustics Laboratory. An algorithm was designed for a Texas Instrument TMS32010, the first digital signal processing chip which was inexpensive, and yet capable of high speed operational requirements. The mission of Digisonix is to take technology out of the laboratory and into commercial markets. We will tour the manufacturing and test facility, including the mechanical equipment room for complete mock-up of commercial HVAC applications. The basic theory of the technology will be described and demonstrations of the equipment will be given. Chris Depies, Industrial Sales Manager Susan Dineen, Marketing. 8401 Murphy Drive, Middleton.

Tour of OHMEDA. The Medical Systems Division (MSD) of Ohmeda, previously known as Ohio Medical Products, has been a leader in the development and manufacture of anesthesia equipment for over fifty years. Located on Madison's east side, this site is primarily responsible for Modulus and Excel families of anesthesia gas machine systems, the 7000/7800 series of anesthesia ventilators and the GMS carbon dioxide absorber. Other Ohmeda MSD sites, located in Boulder, Colorado, and Steeton, in the United Kingdom, provide patient monitors and drug vaporizers which are incorporated into the Madison products. Within the Ohmeda MSD manufacturing facility, several specialized operations are conducted. These include primary machining, metal fabrication, plating, inspection, assembly, test and distribution of the components and finished products. These operations are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration's Good Manufacturing Practices regulations. Additionally, Ohmeda is in the final stages of ISO 9001 certification. Ohmeda MSD is one of four divisions of Ohmeda, Inc., a part of the BOC Group. Other Ohmeda divisions include the Pharmaceutical Products Division, the Medical Devices Division and the Specialty Products Division. Ray Riddle, Manager of Regulatory Affairs Grahm Lukey, Manager of Quality Engineering. Ohmeda Drive, Madison

Information Super Highway -- MCI Telecommunications Corporation. Dave Yusef has been with MCI for the past three years and is the Data Field Marketing Manager for the Great Lakes Region, based in Chicago. Dave has had eleven plus years of industry experience and has held positions in all aspects of MIS, Operations, and Telecommunications Marketing. Learn what the Information Highway System (IHS) is and what it will mean to you in the future, not only in your businesses but your personal lives as well. Find out who is using it today and how! Find out how multimedia interacts with the IHS and how our lives may change as a result of the IHS. The IHS will allow interactive multimedia; broadcast quality video phones; long distance medical imaging and another vehicle for learning. Dave Yusef, Data Field Marketing Manager, MCI. Marquip offices, 1245 East Washington Avenue, Madison

History of RAYOVAC and the Development of the Rayovac RENEWAL Battery. Mr. Garver will give a slide presentation on the history of Rayovac, including a discussion on batteries and the history of battery manufacture. Mr. Best will discuss Rayovac's new reusable alkaline battery system. Thomas H. Garver, Rayovac Archivist Bruce Best, Rayovac., on March 8, 1995, at Rayovac World Headquarters Building.

A Monona Terrace Convention Center Project Update. Potter Lawson, Inc. is a member of the Monona Terrace Design Venture which consists of Potter Lawson, Inc., Arnold & O'Sheridan, and Taliesin Architects, Frank Lloyd Wright's school and office. Our speaker, Michael Clark, is a Project Architect with Potter Lawson, Inc. He has spent the past year as a key member of the team for the 250,000 square foot Monona Terrace Convention Center (originally designed by Frank Lloyd Wright). Construction on the Convention Center began this winter and is scheduled to be completed in 1997. Michael Clark, AIA, Project Architect, Potter Lawson, Inc. Marquip, 1245 East Washington Avenue.

Business Meeting. The Technical Club is at a crossroads. We have lost our non-profit corporation status, and the membership must determine in what form the Club is to continue. This special meeting will be devoted exclusively to Club business; there will be no speaker. Members are urged to attend this meeting and come prepared with suggestions for future topics and offers to serve as Club officers. Fitzgerald's Restaurant, Middleton.

Electronics Theatre Controls, Inc. (ETC) was founded in 1975 to develop a computerized entertainment lighting control console. In the intervening 20 years, ETC has emerged as one of the market leaders in the field of entertainment lighting control. A 1990 acquisition of Lighting Methods and the subsequent integration of the two companies has made ETC one of the largest, fully-integrated entertainment lighting control manufacturers in North America supplying systems and fixtures to an international as well as national market. In addition to its headquarters in Middleton, ETC has regional offices in New York City, Los Angeles, Nashville and San Antonio. From these locations, ETC Regional Managers direct the activities of ETC's extensive network of independent sales professionals. With nearly complete vertical integration of manufacturing capabilities, from CNC metal fabrication, electronic and electrical assembly to test, and customer support allows ETC to deliver products on time and with complete control of its processes.

Tour of the Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District Nine Springs Wastewater Treatment Facility. The Nine Springs facility processes more than 40 million gallons of wastewater a day, enough to fill a ten-story building the size of a football field. Our guided tour will give us an idea of the capabilities of this facility which returns clean water to the environment and produces biosolids used as fertilizer and soil conditioners. No speaker. Nine Springs facility.

Tinkering with Mother Nature: Genetic Engineering to Enhance the Quality of Life. Manipulating genes of animals, plants, and microbes to enhance the quality of life without detrimental effects to our ecosystem is a major objective of genetic engineering. New and novel approaches to human disease control and prevention, better crops without increasing the chemical load in the environment, ecofriendly decontamination of existing toxic waste, and inexpensive production of valuable pharmaceuticals and industrial products are some of the applications of genetic engineering being developed. Dr. Maliyakal John, Director of Fiber Technology at Agracetus, Inc. Agracetus, Inc. offices, 8520 University Green, Middleton,

How Highway Research is Changing our World. Stephen Shober, P.E., Chief Pavements and Research Engineer for the Wisconsin Department of Transportation will be speaking about the Wisconsin DOT's research in support of an intense international effort to improve highway performance, called the Strategic Highway Program. This research has focused on determining pavement designs and materials that will increase the longevity and ride characteristics of pavements. Texturing of pavement surfaces for safety and the method Wisconsin uses for draining pavement structures will also be discussed. Stephen Shober, P.E., Fitzerald's restaurant, Middleton.

Madison Gas & Electric Company - Automated Mapping/Facilities Managements System. Madison Gas & Electric Company's AM/FM System utilizes a computer system to store land use and utility physical plant data, making it effectively available for System Operation and Analysis. Join us to learn first-hand how technological improvements have impacted utility creation and usage of its most important data! A brief outline of the evening includes a general introduction, MG&E's AM/FM system, samples of AM/FM applications, and Concurrent Demonstrations of FIDS and Map Viewer. Presenters will be David Blankenheim, Tim Statz, Joe Gary, Ken Alderson, Jim Wargula and Ron Hinson. MG&E's general office facility, 133 South Blair Street, Madison.

Hybrid Electric Vehicle Project at the College of Engineering, UW-Madison. Students from the College of Engineering have been actively involved in the building of hybrid electric vehicles since 1992. Their first car was a converted '92 Ford Escort station wagon which ran on electricity as well as gas. This car competed in five national competitions, taking top trophies as well as last-place lumps. This talk will take you through the early struggles and later successes of a project that is as much a story of teamwork as technology. Our speaker, Clark Hochgraf, will cover the rigors of national student competitions as well as the rewards of race day. The philosophy and technology of hybrid drivetrains will be explained and you will be able to see the concepts applied in a working hybrid vehicle. The talk will also explore the possible role that electric and hybrid electric vehicles may play in the transportation market. The program also includes a tour of the Motor Vehicle Research Lab; possibly even a ride in an HEV! Engineering Hall, UW-Madison, 1415 Engineering Drive, Madison.

Orbitech: What's happening in Space Systems and the latest Technology! Orbitech is a local company established in 1988. It currently employs 37 persons. Orbitech researches, designs and develops space systems and other high tech devices, including telerobotic control systems, dextrous end-effectors, manipulators and tactile sensors, microgravity research equipment for space equipment, crew life support, plant growth and chemical processing systems and advanced technology biomedical devices, among other advanced sensors. Thomas Crabb, V.P. Fitzgerald's Restaurant, Middleton.

A short note from the President.. Last year, the Board decided to hold a special business meeting in the spring, and we would like your attendance and participation in a similar meeting this year. We feel this is a nice CAP to the past year and good PREPARATION for next year. The main topic of discussion this year will be the election of officers. We have several areas where we need your support! Our group is only as successful as our leaders and we would appreciate your participation. I have completed my term as President and will remain on the Board as the program chair for the 1996-97 season. Jim Hauter, Vice President, is retiring and moving from the area and several other Board members' terms are up as well. If you have an interest in serving YOUR TECH CLUB and would like to be included on the elections ballet prior to the meeting, please call me at 255-7606, ext. 101. Minimal effort is involved, although leadership is essential to the continued success of our group. A two year committment is all that is required! Fitzgerald's Restaurant, Middleton.

Tour of The Wisconsin Air National Guard. In the past, we have been fortunate enough to have programs by the Air Guard pilots on the F-16 and Stealth Fighters. Join us at Truax field to hear more about these aircraft and other new and exciting things at our very own facility. Come down and not only hear about what's going on, but to see and touch the F-16 Fighter and the Black Hawk helicopter. Sorry, rides may not be on the agenda. This is expected to be another great program! Please join us and bring a guest or two. Brigadier General Fred Sloan, Air National Guard Colonel Kerry Denson, Army Aviation Captain Dave Olson, Air National Guard. Wisconsin Air National Guard, Truax Field, 3110 Mitchell Street, Madison.

The National Wildlife Health Center Tour. The mission of the National Wildlife Health Center is to provide information and training, technical support, diagnostic assistance, and research on wildlife health issues on a national and international scope. The center conducts work from its base in Madison, opened in 1975, and field stations in Montana and Hawaii. Recent investigations include an avian botulism outbreak in southern California that has killed nearly 15,000 pelicans and other water birds during the summer of 1996, deformities in frogs in the upper Midwest, ingestion of lead fishing sinkers as a cause of poisoning in fish eating birds, manatee mortality in Florida, and brucellosis in elk and other wildlife in the West. The Madison facility, located at 6006 Schroeder Road, consists of two buildings, each about 33,000 square feet. The Center operates at a high level of biological containment including 100% outside make-up air for each laboratory area; negative air pressure barriers; HEPA filtration of all exhaust air; on-site decontamination of waste water from necropsy areas and animal isolation rooms; on-site incineration of biological materials; clothing changes and shower requirements; and back-up emergency power systems. Solar collection panels supplement conventional heating. J. Christian Franson, DVM Research Wildlife Veterinarian, U.S. Department of the Interior. Babe's Grill & Bar, 5614 Schroeder Road, Madison,

The New Security Frontier - Your Very Own Big Brother. The technology behind the old burglar alarm is changing at an ever-increasing rate. Come see what's ahead on the security frontier! As the local headlines indicate, even the residential homeowner now thinks about an electronic watchdog. Come hear how the industry has changed and see some of the new tools available to homes and businesses today! Topics include burglar, fire and environmental alarm technologies and their standards, wireless and fiber transmission, access control, closed-circuit surveillance, home automation links, physical security, integrated systems, biometrics and Counterspy* products. If time is available, there will be a tour of Marquip's security facilities and tools will be provided for your own home's security analysis. Capital Security Systems is part of Central Control Alarm, Inc., Wisconsin's largest privately-owned security group. As a recognized leader in the Wisconsin security market, Capital provides services to some of the most sensitive organizations in our area. Capital has been in existence in Madison, Milwaukee and the Fox Valley since 1978, specializing in Security and Fire Systems, Closed-circuit television, Safes, Access Control, Locksmithing, Patrol Services and Consulting. James Zirbel, Senior Consultant Capital Security Systems. Marquip Plant Cafeteria, 1245 East Washington Avenue Madison.

Endangered Species Recovery in Wisconsin -- The Timber Wolf Story. Modern endangered species management is much like the old wedding superstition poem, "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue." Some of the techniques used today to help restore wildlife species to Wisconsin are hundreds of years old, while others are state-of-the-art. The mechanical, biological, and technical aspects are only one half of the story ... the political, economic, and social aspects of endangered species management are equally important. Biologists need to borrow expertise from these disciplines to build a successful program in today's world. A slide program featuring Wisconsin's nationally recognized timber wolf recovery program will be used to demonstrate the complexities involved in endangered-species recovery programs. The presentation will also show the biological and social aspects of this fascinating wild animal, and will challenge the audience to help the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources write the final chapter in the story of wolf management in Wisconsin. Randy Jurewicz, Staff Biologist Bureau of Endangered Species, Wisconsin DNR. Fitzgerald's Restaurant, Middleton.

Gammex RMI tour and presentation . Gammex RMI is a world wide organization, developing products for improved health-care for over 25 years. Gammex was incorporated in 1969 as a manufacturer of laser alignment devices for use in medical imaging and oncology treatment. Today, Gammex Lasers is based on the grounds of the Milwaukee Regional Medical Center, and manufactures the industry standard as well as the state of the art laser positioning devices. In 1987, Radiation Measurements, Inc., (RMI) of Middleton, WI, was acquired. RMI, founded by Professor John R. Cameron of the University of Wisconsin, RMI had proven itself to be a major innovator of quality control devices for radiation, ultrasound, and mammography. Working closely with universities and medical physicists worldwide, Gammex RMI develops and refines more efficient and effective test tools for quality assurance. Teleradiology systems originator and manufacturer, Dataspan, Inc., joined Gammex RMI in 1989. Joe Muehlenkamp, Electronics Development Engineer, and John Mabis, Production Manager. Gammex/RMI, 2500 West Beltline Hwy., Middleton

University of Wisconsin Space, Science and Engineering Center. The UW-Madison Space, Science and Engineering Center (SSEC), as an integral part of The University of Wisconsin, is concerned with scientific research and technology development that enhances understanding of the Earth's atmosphere and other planets. Our program at SSEC will include a rooftop viewing of Madison at twilight, antennae explanation (weather permitting), and a slide show overview of the SSEC. We will also have overviews of the Galileo Probe instrument development, the Diffuse X-Ray Spectrometer space shuttle payload, and a tour of the UW LIDAR lab. Fred A. Best, Senior Engineer, Terri Gregory, University Relations Specialist. Union South, UW-Madison.

Monona Terrace Convention Center Update. A world-class convention center, the Monona Terrace Convention Center will include a 38,000-square foot exhibition hall, 4,800 square feet of meeting room space, a 15,000-square foot ballroom, an 8,000-square foot assembly room, and a 350-seat lecture hall which includes state-of-the-art teleconferencing equipment. The two-level parking facility, holding approximately 550 cars, and was constructed over an existing 4-lane highway and active railroad right-of-way. The Monona Terrace Convention Center design also includes a roof terrace garden. This original Frank Lloyd Wright design, with its 250,000 square feet, presented designers with unique challenges in lighting, emergency power systems, communications systems, mechanical systems and structural issues. Mike Schmidt and Mike Clark will give us an inside view and better understanding of what it took to build this impressive facility and will address some of the special attributes of this project. Mike Schmidt, P.E., A.I.A. Arnold & O'Sheridan, Inc., and Mike Clark, A.I.A., Potter Lawson Architects. Babe's Grill & Bar 5614 Schroeder Road, Madison

Business meeting.Club Business Meeting. Bob Schmitz. Fitzgerald's Restaurant, Middleton.

TDS Telecom. TDS Telecom is a company involved in the rapidly evolving telecommunications technology. You will have the opportunity to: Tour their Network Management Center See a presentation on xDSL Technologies - High Speed Data over copper lines; see a presentation and demonstration of DBS Satellite Technology; see a presentation on technologies used at TDS Metrocom, their local telephone company. William E. Kock. TDS Telecom, 301 South Westfield Rd., Madison.

National Electrostatics Corporation. National Electrostatics Corporation is a local company with customers around the world. We have the opportunity to learn about high-voltage accelerators, what kinds there are, how they work, and for what they are used. After the presentation, there will be a tour of the factory. We will also be able to see several units in various stages of construction. Mark Sundquist. National Electrostatics Corporation, 7540 Graber Road, Middleton.

Mandli Communications. Mandli Communications is a provider of data and imagery technologies for the management of large infrastructure inventories. Mandli provides these technologies for state departments of transportation, federal agencies, numerous cities and counties, railroads, universities, utilities, and real estate companies. At this meeting, you will take a virtual ride, using a desktop computer, down a roadway while using the following technologies: Digital Image Capture, Digital Image Compression, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Map Making Capabilities from GPS, Networking Images and Data, and Geographical Information Systems (GIS). Ray Mandli. Mandli Communications, 490 North Burr Oak Avenue, Oregon, Wisconsin.

Restoring Old Ironsides. This talk will describe a nondestructive test evaluation process to determine where and to what extent decay is occurring in the structural members of the USS Constitution. Both laboratory tests to define baseline numbers and in-place evaluations will be described. The talk will also touch on the "hogging" problem, what caused it, and how repaired. ("Hogging" is upward displacement of the keel relative to the ends.) While everyone has heard the story that the ship was nicknamed Old Ironsides because of the cannonballs bouncing off, now, after this talk, you will know why they bounced off. Dr. Larry Soltis, U.S. Forest Service. Forest Products Laboratory. The Best Western InnTowner, 2424 University Avenue, Madison.

Cartography. Cartography is an age-old discipline, with maps having been made and used for thousands of years. Today, cartography is in the middle of a revolution in technology. To understand this change, it is helpful to have some appreciation of the art and science of cartography. Offering a perspective on this, this presentation will discuss the status of cartography today, including the nature and basics of maps, the collection and presentation of mapped data, and current trends and challenges facing cartographers. Ted Koch, Wisconsin State Cartographer, UW-Madison. Babe's Grill & Bar, 5614 Schroeder Road, Madison.

Fire and Arson Investigation. Captain Ken Adell will tell us by word and picture about fire and arson investigation, some of the new developments in the field, and just how much fun it is on a cold night long after the fire is out. This will be an engaging presentation by a dedicated professional who is a District Director of the State Arson Investigators Association. Captain Ken Adell, City of Madison Fire Department, Fire/Arson Investigation Unit Supervisor. Babe's Grill & Bar, 5614 Schroeder Road, Madison.

Disease Prevention. We are indeed lucky to see the brand new $16.8 million, state-of-the-art laboratory representing a pledge to the people of Wisconsin to vigilantly protect their health and safeguard their air, water, land and wildlife based on sound science and not on our hunches or our fears. Partners in the medical sleuthing and contracting include the DNR, UW-Madison, USEPA and other federal agencies and research foundations. Dr. Stan Inhorn, Medical Director and Director, Disease Prevention Division of the Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene. Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene, 2601 Agriculture Drive, Madison.

Armory and Gymnasium Tour. We will be revisiting the Armory and Gymnasium (the "Old Red Gym") on the UW-Madison Campus, a repeat of a tour which the club took prior to the historic preservation work. The "remodel" project of a National Historic Landmark building, over 100 years old, has adapted it for use as the front door to the Campus for students and high-traffic Student Services. University of Wisconsin Dean of Students Mary Rouse and Architect Bob Corbett, Project Architect. University of Wisconsin Armory and Gymnasium, Langdon Street, Madison.

Carley's commercial woodworking and finishing shop We will be touring the new location of Carley's commercial woodworking and finishing shop. Some of Carley's most recent projects include the renovation work at the State Capitol and the "Old Red Gym". Now that you've seen the finished product at the Armory and Gymnasium, come see how it was done. Robin Carley and Greg Erickson of Carley Woodworking. Carley Woodworking, Packers Avenue at County Hwy. CV, Madison.

Allen Gardens on the UW-Madison campus. Tonight we have the opportunity to dig deep in to the design and construction of the Allen Gardens on the UW-Madison campus. Our host is Professor Dennis Stimart of the Department of Horticulture, who is responsible for the building of and continuing care and feeding of the diverse collection of plants in the widely acclaimed garden. The many different types of plants require a great deal of planning to achieve the proper growing conditions. Architectural and engineering considerations for this and other gardens in the frost belt will be part of the discussion. In case of rain, an alternative program has been arranged. Professor Dennis Stimart of the Department of Horticulture. Horticulture Building, 1575 Linden Drive, Room 473, UW-Madison, Madison.

Madison Community Tower. The tour will be conducted by representatives from WISC-TV and WKOW-TV. The 1400-foot Madison Community Tower is owned by the Board of Regents. It's called a "community tower" because it supports antennas owned by many different entities; television stations, radio stations, and two-way communication services. Present occupants include five television stations, several FM radio stations, numerous private two-way radio systems and the City of Madison. Our tour will include a visit to Shockley Communications' transmitter suite where we'll see Madison's first digital television station, WKOW-DT, in operation. Neal McLain, a member of the TCM Board of Directors. Rocky Rococco's, Tree Lane (off Mineral Point Road near the Beltline, Madison

Safety Engineering Associates, Inc. This month's tour takes us to the offices of Safety Engineering Associates, Inc. Safety Engineering is an accident-reconstruction company specializing in accident analysis, product testing and design evaluation. They have completed over 15,000 engineering projects involving automobiles, trucks, buses, motorcycles, snowmobiles, agricultural equipment, industrial equipment and consumer products. They will show us some examples of investigations and methods they use to arrive at probable causes of the accident. Safety Engineering Associates, 2798 S. Fish Hatchery Road, Madison.

National Electrostatics Corporation. This month's tour takes us to National Electrostatics Corporation in Middleton. National Electrostatics manufactures accelerator mass spectrometers which are used for carbon dating and rare isotope detection; ion beam systems, which include complete surface analysis instruments for RBS, PIXE, NRA, ERD and other meV based techniques. They also manufacture vacuum and beam handling components including a vibration isolator for vacuum pumps. National Electrostatics Corporation, 7540 Graber Road, Middleton.

Walgreen's Distribution Center. This month's tour takes us to the Walgreen Distribution Center in Windsor, Wisconsin. The distribution center serves all the stores in the Midwest area. The tour will show the large diversity of products and the automation used in getting the products from the vendors to the various store locations. Paul Martens, Distribution Center Manager, will conduct the tour and answer any questions you may have about the facility. Walgreen Distribution Center, 4400 Highway 19, Windsor.

D.C. Smith Greenhouse, UW-Madison. . Tonight we will be visiting the new D.C. Smith Greenhouse with our hosts, Professor Dennis Stimart, and Greenhouse Manager, John Mather. The recently-completed greenhouse is located across Babcock Drive from Babcock Hall and is attached to the Horticulture Building. Of special interest to us are the design and structure of the building and the new digital climate controls. Unlike the analog controls at the Biotron, the greenhouse has the latest in digital computer control. Horticulture Building, UW-Madison, 1575 Linden Drive, Room 473 Madison.

Center for Limnology, UW-Madison. Tonight we will be visiting the Center for Limnology on the campus of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The Center is a research facility that continues the University's long-standing tradition of excellence in the field of limnology, the study of inland waters. Prof. E. A. Birge, who joined the University staff over 100 years ago, was the first limnologist in North America. Thanks to Birge's vision, Wisconsin continues to be a leader in limnological studies today. Currently, researchers at the Center for Limnology are particularly interested in ecosystem management of lakes, rivers ecology, and the effects of land use on aquatic systems. Our hosts for this tour are Ann McLain, who works with graduate programs and outreach at the Center, and Paul Hanson, who manages technical services for the Center. UW-Madison Memorial Union, 800 Langdon Street, Madison.

Fire Pumps: Inside and Out. Tonight's meeting begins with our annual election of officers and directors. Any members interested in serving as an officer or director is encouraged to volunteer. Don't be shy; WE NEED YOU!! Following the election, Shorewood Hills Fire Department Chief Tom DeMeuse will give a short presentation about how fire pumps work and the power systems that run them. If weather permits, he will demonstrate pumping and how hard it is to hold on to a fire hose under pressure. Members wishing to take part in the demonstration would be advised to wear "comfortable" clothing. Shorewood Hills Fire Department, Village of Shorewood Hills Fire Station, 1008 Shorewood Blvd., Shorewood Hills.

Alliant Energy Systems Operation Center. This month's meeting is a tour of the Alliant Energy System Operations Center. Our speaker and tour guide will be Kurt Dickinson, Manager of Transmission System Operations at Alliant Energy. Alliant Energy serves more than one million customers in Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. The company's service territory covers 54,000 square miles in the heartland of America and includes 9,700 miles of electric transmission lines and 8,000 miles of natural-gas main. Mr. Dickinson's tour will show us how the transmission grid is operated, what "Interconnected Operations" means, and what a "Control Area" is. His will also talk to us about what has happened to the electric industry, and specifically what has happened to Alliant Energy, and of course the future of the electric industry.

Tetrionics, Inc. Tetrionics, Inc. is a contract API (active pharmaceutical ingredient) manufacture specializing in potent vitamin and steroid compounds. They design recipes for high-volume drug substance manufacturing and analyze their products to ascertain composition and quality. Tetrionics recently moved into a new building in the UW Research Park and they are just now completing a state-of-the-art "pilot plant" drug manufacturing facility that we will see on our tour. The plant tour will be conducted by Jason Walkowiak, a team leader in Tetrionics pilot plant.

Artesyn Communication Products. Artesyn Communication Products is a high-tech electronic engineering firm that designs and manufactures real-time single-board computers. Most of Artesyn's products are used in the telecommunication industry. Artesyn's computers are likely involved when you make a toll-free, long-distance, or wireless telephone call, or when you use a voice-response system to get your bank balance. Artesyn (originally the Heurikon Corporation) was started in Madison in 1972. Over the years, they have built custom products for Oscar Mayer (hog processing), Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (to find the Titanic), and the City of New York (where the 12,000 traffic signals are centrally controlled using Artesyn computers). We will hear from Todd Wynia, vice president of marketing. Todd will give us an overview of the PTSN (private switched telephone network) and the Internet. Then, we'll tour their state-of-the-art factory where high-speed surface-mount technology is used to manufacture computer boards. The plant tour will be conducted by Chris Byrne, manufacturing engineering manager.

Precision Devices Incorporated. Precision Devices Incorporated designs and manufactures high quality precision crystal products. PDI manufactures a wide variety of crystal products in custom and SMD packages, including quartz crystals, crystal filters, and crystal oscillators. They serve commercial and military clients. Founded in 1989, PDI has seen rapid growth and numerous awards including "Rockwell Vendor of the Year" and the Inc. 500 award as the 88th fastest growing privately held company in the U.S. In addition to their business and manufacturing headquarters in Middleton (8840 N. Greenview Drive), they have a manufacturing plant in England.

Overture Center Project. J. H. Findorff & Son Inc. is the general contractor and construction manager for Madison's new $100 million Overture Center, an entire block development fronting on Madison's State Street. Findorff provided extensive pre-construction services including estimating, value engineering, scheduling and logistical planning. Now, Findorff serves as general contractor and construction manager for the project. Our hosts for the evening will be Curt Hastings, Findorff's president, and Jim Yehle, project manager for the Overture Center.

Overture Center Project (hardhat tour). Last year, were had an overview of the design and engineering of the Overture Center currently being built by J. H. Findorff & Son Inc. in downtown Madison. The site was just a big hole back then; now it's an imposing building. As the Overture Center gets closer to completion, public access will end. The timing is perfect now for a look at the internals of this fantastic facility, before the really interesting things are all covered over with unimportant adornments such as ceilings and walls.

Our host will be Jim Yehle, project manager for the Overture Center, whom we met last year. The meeting will include a brief review of the project status, followed by a hard hat tour of the building itself. We'll see the stagehouse before all the rigging equipment adorns the walls/ceilings, the main hall with a web of scaffolding in place, a behind-the-scenes look at the chiller and boiler plants plus other large mechanical spaces, three rehearsal spaces before the wood floor is installed, and the lobby with all the glass installed.

UW-Madison Charter Street Heating Plant. 117 N. Charter St. (corner of Charter and Dayton streets) The UW-Madison Charter Street facility is Wisconsin's largest state- owned solid-fuel heating plant. The plant produces high-pressure steam for campus buildings by burning combinations of coal, natural gas, paper pellets, tires, and fuel oil. The plant also provides chilled water for cooling purposes. Although campus electrical power is provided by MG&E, the plant continuously generates 9.7 megawatts into the power grid. Our tour guide will be Stan Novotny, Heating Plant Manager.

Berbee Information Networks Corporation. Berbee Information Networks Corporation will be hosting our next meeting during which we will learn such things as: How domain names are used to route information around the Internet. How an email message gets from sender to recipient (POP, SMTP). How a web page is fetched and loaded (HTTP, HTTPS). Why spam is so hard to eliminate. And a bit about protocols and routing (TCP/IP). We will also have a tour of Berbee's 24-hour customer support center and data center, where high-speed connections are made to the Internet backbone, Charter Cable, Ameritech/SBC, TDS, et al, and Berbee's data centers in Minneapolis and Milwaukee. Our discussion leader will be Network Engineer David Klann.

LIDAR (light detection and ranging). Our October meeting will be at the Space Science and Engineering Center on the UW-Madison campus where we will learn about several LIDAR applications. Our host will be Senior Scientist Ed Eloranta. Ed spoke to the club a few years ago about his atmospheric research and meteorology projects. This time we'll learn about some new LIDAR applications, including the detailed mapping of the polar ice cap, global warming research, and how LIDAR was used to map Ground Zero in New York City.

Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital and Clinic. The Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital opened in 1983 and is part of the University's School of Veterinary Medicine. As such, part of the hospital's mission is to train the next generation of veterinarians. In addition, veterinary school researchers are constantly improving ways to diagnose and treat animal health problems. Our tour will include the examination and teaching rooms of the large and small animal clinic. We'll see everything from radiographic and ultrasound imaging equipment to low-tech microscope slides. Our guide will be Professor Richard Dubielzig, DVM. Dr. Dubielzig's own research involves the study of spontaneous animal diseases, with a particular emphasis on ocular and dental problems.

The Verona/Nakoma Road Area Study. Our speakers for this presentation will be two Civil Engineers from Strand & Associates, Mary Karlsson and Tory Keyzer, who are working under the supervision of Marshall Quade, District Planning Supervisor of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. Strand has been analyzing the traffic congestion of the South Beltline for several years, including a needs assessment and an analysis of alternatives for the Nakoma area intersection. The Nakoma intersection currently experiences heavy congestion which is projected to worsen over the next few years. Our speakers will be presenting up-to-date studies of alternatives for improvement of that interchange.

Waisman Center's Keck Lab of Brain Imaging and Behavior. The Waisman Center is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge about human development and developmental disabilities throughout the lifespan. The center is one of 9 national centers that encompasses a Mental Retardation Developmental Disabilities Research Center and a Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities.

The Keck Laboratory is a state-of-the-art neuroimaging facility which encompasses MRI and PET scanning in the study of child development, mental health problems and emotion. The lab is a joint venture of the Waisman Center and the Health Emotions Research Institute.

Our presenters for this presentation and tour will be Marsha Mailick Seltzer, director of the Waisman Center and Dr. Richard Davidson, director of the Keck Lab.

Topics in Television Broadcasting (WKOW-TV). May's program will be an informative look at the technologies and processes used in a modern television station. This year, WKOW-TV, Channel 27, is celebrating their 50th anniversary. Television operations have always been fast-paced; today it's also high-tech. We'll hear a bit about WKOW's history, and then learn how digital communications, computers, and mass storage are used in local TV production and operations.

Our hosts for the evening will be Chief Engineer Steve Zimmerman and Maintenance Engineer Jim Buntrock. We'll be meeting in one of their studios; if time permits, we'll have a tour of the master control room.

Risks and Challenges of Data Security. Nicholas Davis, MBA, a Senior Software Systems Engineer at American Family Insurance National Headquarters will be our presenter for this month's program. Mr. Davis' area of specialization is authentication, authorization and access control, with an emphasis on data encryption.

He will speak to us about both the risks and challenges associated with corporate and personal data security. He will discuss the mechanisms involved in securing data and information technology resources, hacking, cyber crime, and technical issues as they relate to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, as well as provide useful information about simple steps computer users can take to protect their personal data and their computers as well as dispel common myths about data security in relation to what is and is not "safe cyber behavior."

Bone Densitometers. Osteoporosis is a bone disease that causes fractures of the spine and hip which often lead to death. Lunar Corporation is a Madison company founded in 1980 which manufactures medical equipment for measuring the density of bones to assist in the diagnosis of osteoporosis. Lunar's equipment is also employed in research efforts aimed at developing a treatment for this disease. Jim Hanson, Ph.D. Vice President, Marketing of Lunar Corporation. The InnTowner 2424 University Avenue

Techline. Techline is the premiere modular furniture system on the market today. It has been produced for over 25 years right here in Waunakee, where Marshall Erdman & Associates has a manufacturing plant that is over 600,000 square feet. We will receive a tour of the facilities and learn how Techline furniture is designed and manufactured, using computer aided processes and highly automated precision machinery.

Latitude Corporation. Latitude provides precision metal fabrication, CNC machining, water jetting, stamping, certified welding, assembly and coatings. Latitude's facilities are located in Verona. Established in 1990, Latitude has a 75,000 sq. foot manufacturing facility with 100 employees.

Madison Concrete Pipe, Inc. Madison Concrete Pipe, Inc. is a family-owned business providing storm water drainage products and sanitary sewer man-holes to customers in South Central Wisconsin. Its primary customers are under-ground utility installation contractors, developers and local municipalities. Its product line consists of precast steel reinforced concrete pipe for storm sewer and culvert applications in both round and elliptical shapes, from 12" inside diameter to 96" inside diameter, and precast box culvert measuring from 4' x 3' to 10' x 6'. It also manufactures a complete line of precast inlets, catch basins and manholes for storm water collection systems as well as a line of value added manholes, which allow for fast, watertight installation of sanitary sewers.

Fuel Cell Technology Our Guest speaker was Ken Kenyon. Ken has over 30 years experience with batteries, fuel cells and renewable hydrogen. Ken has his own consulting company, Kenyon Technology, LLC and is continuing to advance technology towards a renewable, sustainable energy supply. Topics included fuel cell basics (operation, type), benefits of fuel cells. engineering design challenges, special materials requirements, and renewable hydrogen fuel cells.

The Great Electrical Power Failure of 2003 Our speaker was Mike Zahorik, Manager of the Pewaukee Operations Center for American Transmission Company. Mike helps to oversee the day-to-day operation of the high-voltage electric transmission system that serves customers from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to the Wisconsin-Illinois border. We will learn the basic operation of the U.S. electrical power grid, delve into the causes of the massive power failure that engulfed the eastern U.S. on August 14, 2003, and find out how the power failure affected us locally.

TomoTherapy, Inc. has developed a revolutionary cancer treatment device that combines a form of CT imaging and the radiation treatment processes into one machine. This is known as "image guided, radiotherapy." To create a 3D radiation pattern that matches the tumor inside of the patient requires the use of computer controlled collimation and the simultaneous helical motion of the radiation producing equipment. The variability of collimation in timing and position is called "intensity modulated radiotherapy". The machine has a patient couch and "donut hole" gantry with many complex electrical, mechanical, and thermal systems crammed inside that must all work together to deliver the proper radiation dose to a precise location, and while in constant motion, rotating around the patient. We'll learn about the technology and then tour their manufacturing plant. Our host will be Richard Schmidt, TomoTherapy's hardware engineering manager. Richard supervises their electrical, mechanical and systems engineering teams and leads several new technology development programs.

Large Format Digital, Inc. Format Digital, Inc. is a state of the art facility specializing in large scale full color digital scanning, printing and laminating. Their services are often used to create retail displays, signs, banners, decals, art reproduction, sales presentation graphics, murals, posters and vehicle graphics (including giant graphics that run the full length of a bus).

Electronic Theater Controls, Inc.. Our host will be Fred Foster, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of ETC. Fred has built the company into an internationally-recognized lighting manufacturer, headquartered in Middleton, with over 500 employees, worldwide offices, and revenues of over 115 million dollars. We will be visiting ETC's new 250,000 square-foot, international corporate headquarters building in Middleton.

The Village Hearth. Tour of the Village Hearth Bakery in Sun Prairie. This is baking on a truly grand scale where ingredients such as flour and yeast are measured in tons. Keep your own buns covered as you watch their buns being made.

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. This is our first Special Event Day-Trip out of the Madison area. We will be busing to Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, in Batavia, Illinois, where we'll see a particle accelerator and learn something about anti-matter or whatever else is hot these days in high-energy physics. Their new project is the MINOS Experiment. They are shootin nutrinos from Fermi Labs in Batavis to the Soudan Underground Mine in Minnesota, 450 miles away.

USPS Milwaukee Street Processing Facility. We use their services every day, but they don't get much respect. The USPS sorting facility on Milwaukee Street typically handles 500,000 pieces of mail a day, and most of it is processed completely automatically. The big machine they used to show on TV where dozens of workers toil like monkeys, typing in ZIP codes for a never-ending stream of cards and letters, is gone. Instead, we'll see the mail receiving stations, automatic cancelling machines, automatic address readers, and the parcel and bundle sorter.

MG&E UW West Campus Cogeneration Facility. The West Campus Cogeneration Facility, which is scheduled to begin operation in the summer of 2005, will provide heating and cooling for the UW-Madison campus and electricity for MGE customers. The facility will have the capacity of 150 megawatts of electricity, 20,000 tons of chilled water and 500,00 lb/hr of steam. It will also provide backup power for the UW campus. The plant will operate with an overall net efficiency of up to 70% (compared with 30% to 35% for a typical electric facility) and will be one of the cleanest power plants in the Midwest. Our club will have the extremely rare opportunity to be conducted on a tour of a plant of this capacity while it is still under construction.

Tour of Wolf Appliances Manufacturing Plant. In what the company web site refers to as "an ideal marriage," Wolf Appliances was acquired by Sub-Zero Freezer Company in March 2000. According to the web site "It just made sense, this marriage of ice and fire, cold and hot." Following its acquisition by Sub-Zero in 2000, manufacturing has been transferred to Fitchburg. We will tour the plant where the high-end kitchen appliances are manufactured.

The Challenge of Commercial Launch Vehicle. David M. Hoerr is coauthor of The Rocket Company, currently available online, which gives a fictional account of the development of a reusable launch vehicle, including a description of a business model that achieves the goal of greatly reducing the cost of space transportation into low Earth orbit. Our speaker is a lecturer in the Engineering Mechanics and Astronautics program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, with a BS and MS degrees in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering from the University of Illinois.

Battery Technology. This month, the Technical Club has the opportunity to learn about Battery Technologies available to consumers with an emphasis on alkaline batteries. We will learn:

Our speaker will be Trevor Marshall. Trevor has almost 30 years experience in the development of battery related technology. Trevor currently works as a senior project engineer at Rayovac Corporation developing alkaline cells, most recently focusing on C and D sizes.

Schoep's Ice Cream. This month's meeting will be a virtual tour of Schoep's Ice Cream. Schoep's, a family-owned business, is Wisconsin's largest independent ice cream manufacturer. Our host is Eric Thomsen, director of food safety. Schoep's has been a family affair for the Thomsen family for 75 years. Last year, they made 12 million gallons of ice cream — that's about a quarter of a billion scoops of frozen fun. The plant is located on Division Street on Madison's East Side.

Motion Picture Machine Technology. Our host for this meeting will be Roch Gersbach, motion picture machine technician of Local 251 of the IATSE. "Rocky" has been in the theater business for over 25 years, and now he's at Star Cinema, a 14-screen complex in Fitchburg. Rocky will show us the projection room (yes, there's just ONE) that serves all 14 screens, and we'll discuss the history and the future directions of projection equipment.

Modern Dental Office Technology. We'll be visiting the new Oak Park Dental office on Mineral Point Road. Our hosts will be Drs. Gary Berlin and Jana Gyurina. We'll learn about new technologies and dental procedures such as: the computerized, digital x-ray system; the "water laser" (which permits common dental procedures without using the conventional "drill" or anesthetics); implants and their effectiveness in replacing missing teeth as well as stabilizing loose dentures; and the intra-oral camera (a miniature camera that magnifies a tooth 30 times and is very useful for both the doctor and patient in assessing conditions). Here's your chance to ask all those questions that you can't when you're in the chair!

Backstage at the Overture Center. We visited the Overture Center building twice while it was under construction, now we'll see the completed backstage systems. Our backstage tour will include the lighting and sound systems, ropes, and orchestra pit. As a special treat, Sam Hutchison, curator of the Madison Symphony Orchestra's concert organ will be on hand to show us the organ up close. We'll watch the massive, 40-foot "orchestra shell" doors open up to reveal the organ, and Sam will show us the console.

North American Hydroelectric plant and General Motors, Janesville WI. This is our second Special Event Day-Trip out of the Madison area. We will be busing to two locations in Janesville WI. Our first stop will be the North American Hydroelectric plant on the Rock River. North American Hydro, Inc., operates about 30 hydroelectric plants, most of which are in WI. After lunch we'll tour the General Motors vehicle assembly plant. This 3.5-million-square-foot complex is the largest GM plant under one roof in the United States. But don't worry about walking — the tours are done by tram and they cover a lot of ground. The tour showcases over 600 robots on the sport utility assembly line. It's current state-of-the-art automation.

Mass casualty response program, Dane County Coroner John Stanley. Since September 2001, the citizens of our country have experienced an increased awareness of the potential for a mass casualty event to occur as a result of terrorism. Dane County has planned and trained for the consequences of man-made and natural disasters since the mid-1980's. In recent years, our community has been fortunate to narrowly escape several mass casualty incidents. If such an event were to result in multiple fatalities, the Dane County Coroner's Office has a team prepared and equipped to manage the incident. The Fatality Incident Response Support Team (FIRST) is not only a Dane County asset, but the only such team available statewide.

Madison-Kipp Corporation. In business since 1898, Madison-Kipp Corporation produces state of the art castings in aluminum and zinc for various applications, including automotive, high pressure applications, agriculture, electronics, and telecommunications.

A Wisconsin Cooperage. A History and Practice of Traditional Barrel Making in 20th Century Madison. Gary Hess, grandson of Frank J. Hess, founder of Frank J. Hess & Sons, Wisconsin's largest cooperage, will discuss the history of Madison’s cooperage industry from archival materials as well as personal experience. In addition, he will cover the craft and technology of barrel making illustrated with physical examples of actual tools and barrels.

Wisconsin & Southern Railway Co.. Bob Witzack, Manager of Training at Wisconsin & Southern Railway Co. will give a visual presentation focusing on the railway industry’s response to the danger presented by railway crossings. Following Bob's presentation, we will tour the rail facilities at 1890 East Johnson St. to observe various rolling stock, including a railroad engine.

Germania Dairy Automation. Germania Dairy Automation is a leading manufacturer of automated milking equipment. Germania was founded by Rolf W. Reisgies as a one-man basement operation in 1973. Over several months, he developed an all-air operated automatic take-off, which included a revolutionary pendulum-type milk flow sensor. After making numerous installations in Wisconsin, news about the product spread to the West Coast and sales began to grow astronomically. In 1996, Germania was sold to Alfa Laval Agri Inc. (now DeLaval Inc.). Today, Germania occupies a 10,000 square foot building in Waunakee and has about 50 employees. Our host for the evening will be Russ Kolstad, director of product development. We'll have dinner and a tour at Gernamia's plant, then drive to a nearby dairy farm to see the equipment in action! Wear your "farm clothes" and bring mud boots in case it rains.

Topics in Air Traffic Control. Our November meeting will be at the FAA control tower at the Dane County Regional Airport. Our hosts will be Darrin Catania, manager of the local Airways Facilities Group and Rick Farnsworth, airways transportation systems specialist. Their group installs and maintains the equipment used in the National Airspace System, including navigation aids, ground-based radar, and communications systems. Our visit will focus on the behind-the-scenes technology such as the automated terminal radar system and communication systems. In addition, we'll see the operation areas including the terminal radar approach control (TRACON).

Virtual Tour of the WI Department of Revenue. It's tax time again! So, to get you into the proper mood, this month's presentation will be a virtual tour of the Wisconsin Department of Revenue. Our speaker will be Cheryl E. Sullivan, the director of the tax processing bureau. Cheryl's presentation will focus on the technology used to process all state tax returns. It will include a discussion of scanning and imaging technology for data capture and records retention. She will also touch on electronic filing and payments and refund issuance. This will truly answer the question: "Where do my tax dollars go?"

Meriter Hospital Tour. Most hospital visits are associated with an illness or some distress. But this trip will be completely different. We have a rare opportunity to learn about the inner workings of a great modern hospital. Our hosts will be Jim Rothfuss (facilities management director) and Miles Meyer (VP of support services). We'll see achievements of both hardware and software, learn about the specialized needs for heating, ventilation and air conditioning, and we'll visit the central supply room where kits of instruments for surgical use are packed and sterilized. We also hope to visit the medical imaging department and laboratories. Most interestingly, we will be introduced to modern chart writing methods using software from Madison's own EPIC Systems Corporation in which all data is entered and viewed directly on computers that are often wheeled right up to patients' beds.

Looking for Hood, Gressens, and Wroe